Instructor Led Training

Since 1995 we have specialised in delivering technical training directly to clients  such as The Met Office, and through a number of specialist training providers – currently  Feabhas, and Neueda; and previously Mallon Associates,  QA Group, Sun Educational Services (now Oracle), and Cisco Systems.

We offer our own Portfolio of Courses including:

Our Instructor Lead Training services cover a wide range of technologies primarily in the open source area:

OO Languages

  • C++ & Modern C++ (C++11/14) programming
  • Java & JEE Technologies such as Spring Framework, JPA, JAX-RS and JMS
  • JavaScript programming
  • Python programming, data analysis with numpy, and plotting including maps

Other Technologies

  • C & embedded C programming
  • Linux command line & administration
  • Bash/Ksh shell scripting
  • Design Patterns
  • OO Analysis & Design using UML
  • Perl programming
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • SQL, primarily Oracle and Sybase
  • Web Technologies: HTML, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap & Angular JS

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